WinX Club, The Magic Adventure, movie trailer

WinX Club, The Magic Adventure, movie trailer

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The celebration of the start of the new school year at the Alfea fairy school is interrupted by the presence of Icy, Darcy and Stormy, the evil Trix. Without Bloom, the Winx are forced to deal with the disruption caused by the witches who, after attending the party, steal a powerful and mysterious object.
While Bloom has found her parents and is enjoying the best time of her life as a princess. But not everything is so pretty, and the three ancient witches have returned to haunt Stella, Layla, Tecna, Musa, Flora and Bloom.

In addition, a dark secret falls on the kingdom of Eraklyon and on Bloom and Sky's relationship, it is time for Sky to legitimize himself as sovereign of the kingdom, to find out what it is about.

Are witches involved in this secret? Only with the help of the WinxClub together with the Specialists, Bloom and Sky, will they be able to overcome adversity and rescue the Magic Kingdom.

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Video: Winx Club - Season 8 - Final Battle (June 2022).


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