Saint Norberto's Day, June 6. Names for boys

Saint Norberto's Day, June 6. Names for boys

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Norberto is a name for a boy of Germanic origin whose sinified alludes to "man of the north" and "brilliant". It is one of those names with a deep meaning that can be perfect for your child.

Although not one of the most frequent names, Norberto has the characteristic of originality and distinction that all parents desire. He celebrates his name day on June 6, which is Saint Norbert's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Norberto has a very special and enigmatic personality that makes him a seducer and the soul of his group of friends. In addition, Norberto exudes sympathy and kindness, which does not prevent him from acquiring responsibilities in the family and work environment.

The name Norberto is known throughout the world, although at no time has it established itself as a frequent name. In English Norbert, your child's name is guaranteed originality without being eccentric, so any child will feel comfortable with it, as well as with its diminutive Berto.

In addition to Saint Norbert, we meet several personalities named after your son, such as the American mathematician and father of cybernetics Norbert Wiener and the French caver Norbert Casteret.

Better known and closer to us is the Basque painter Norberto Ariño. But if there is a character that is especially familiar to us and that bears the name of your son, although in a diminutive form, that is the Spanish singer Bertín Osborne.

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